Cold emails: what they are and why they are not spam

For many, Cold Emailing is dead, suffocated by spam, and is no longer an effective tool for outboud marketing. However, this is not the case: a “cold” email still remains an excellent tool for doing business, building relationships, and finding clients. Nevertheless, it must be done correctly because getting an answer from a cold mail is not a guaranteed thing and the first rule is to avoid getting mixed up with Spam.

What are cold emails?

A Cold E-mail is any e-mail message sent to a recipient with whom there is no relationship. It is a message that suddenly arrives in one’s email inbox and which has the primary purpose of starting a conversation and building rapport.

A cold e-mail is like the beginning of a personal conversation between two strangers, or like a telemarketing call with the advantage of being less intrusive and less disturbing.

Furthermore, a cold e-mail does not necessarily contain an explicit request other than to initiate a relationship based on a specific, circumscribed topic of interest to the recipient.

Are cold emails spam?

Spam is inundating e-mail inboxes and distinguishing between unwanted messages and cold e- mails that may potentially be of interest is not at all easy. However, there are substantial differences between the two:

  • Spam uses the names of fake senders
  • Spam does not include contact information
  • Spam is impersonal and generic
  • Spam is not intended to start a relationship, but rather to finalize an immediate purchase
  • Spam is one-to-many communication; a cold e-mail is one-to-one

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