1) Quotation – Orders – Acceptance. The “Quotation” content is not a binding contractual proposal for Addressvitt Srl and the prices reported therein are purely indicative, since they are closely linked to the continuous variations in the cost of raw materials used. Addressvitt Srl therefore reserves the right to accept the orders formulated by the client on the basis of the “Quotation”. Client orders must be received in writing and the contract will be deemed concluded at the time Addressvitt Srl will notify in writing the acceptance of the order.

2) Complaints and Controversies. The defects in conformity with the supplies made by Addressvitt Srl they must be denounced by the Client, by registered mail, within 8 days from detection. The payment of the price can not be suspended or delayed by claims or exceptions, whatever the title, of the Client, who can notr claim any action or exception except after making the payment.

3) Suspension of the execution of the contract. In the event that the Client fails or delays (over 15 days), in whole or in part, the payment of a Addressvitt Srl invoice, also relating to other contracts, Addressvitt Srl reserves the right to suspend the execution of the contract until the insolvency has been paid or has been provided with appropriate warranties.

4) Competent Court. For any disputes concerning the validity, effectiveness, interpretation, execution and termination of the contract with Addressvitt Srl there is the exclusive competence of the Court of Milano.

5) The materials sent by the Customer to be processed may be stored free of charge at Addressvitt Srl for a period not exceeding 60 days from delivery to its warehouses. Within this period the Customer will undertake to collect the unused materials at his expense.

At the end of this term, in the event of failure to collect the materials, Addressvitt will send them to the disposal plants without any other communication obligation.

6) Any change regarding the timing reported in the contract, such as a different delivery date of the printing files, could cause a change in the delivery scheduled; in this case, a new delivery date will be agreed between the parts.

In accordance with the law 1341 clause and 1342 clause of the Italian Civil Code, the Customer declares that he has taken the view and expressly accepts the clauses in paragraphes 2 “Complaints and Claims”, 3 “Suspension of the execution of the contract” and 4 “Competent Court”..