7 rules for effective Cold Emailing

For marketing experts it is a well-kept secret: prospecting through Cold Emailing remains one of the most effective ways to directly attract the attention of potential customers. But to reach them and convert them it is really important not to make mistakes in establishing communication. It is a good idea to start with these 7 rules for truly effective Cold Emailing.

  1. Talk about them, not about you
  2. Be short: try to say everything in a maximum 4 sentences
  3. Use a colloquial language
  4. Ask simple questions, it will be easier to get an answer
  5. Follow up: call back, then call back again
  6. Use email automation programs to optimize and make the process more efficient
  7. The more you customize it, the better: refer to them by name, cite the company and sector, and point out the competitors and any problems that may exist, as well as offering specific solutions.

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