Consumers and Companies Database.
Mailing Service.
Telemarketing and E-mail marketing.

Since 1956.

Since 1956 Addressvitt is working to create Direct Marketing Campaigns.
Mailing Service, Email Marketing, Mailing Profiling and Data Base Management.
Thanks to this global approach, the most important Italian Companies trust in our job.


Banche Dati


Our address Database covers the entire spectrum of Italian households and companies.
It's the ideal support for your direct marketing activities. 

Mailing Service


The best solutions for your sales actions: printing on every kind of paper, Addressvitt offers the most affordable postal rates, speed and security package delivery. 

Email Marketing


A complete service: we define your target, we create your message, we send the campaign from our platform, offering you a real-time monitoring. 

Database Management


Updates tasks and enrichment of your Customers Database.
It allows you to increase the quality and the efficiency of your actions. 

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